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Legend In My Living Room

Annie Lennox

When I was just seventeen
I ran away from home
To be with all the pretty people
To be on my own
Bright lights and trains and bedsit stains
And pavements paved with gold
And I believed in everything
That everybody told me

Have mercy
Have mercy on me

I found myself in a lonely place
With a suitcase full of dreams
And I soon grew up to realize
What living in the doghouse means
But everyday I told myself
Good things gonna happen soon
'Cause I knew that I was going to be
A legend in my living room

Have mercy
Have mercy on me

(Welcome to this perfect world)

Now everyday on a dead end street
Is where I spend my time
The dust has been collecting
On the corners of my mind
But I've shed my tears in bitter drops
Until the thorn trees bloomed
To take the spiky fruit
To crown myself the Queen of doom

Have mercy
Have mercy on me

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Compuesta por: Annie Lennox / Peter-John Vettese. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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