{Ashanti}Yo, we need to talk.

[Guy]Here we go again. What we need to talk about man?

{Ashanti} We need to talk about us and whats' going on.

[Guy] Yea that's what we need to talk about?

{Ashanti} You know I've been thinking. I don't think I'm gonna be able to
forgive and forget all this s*** you've been doing.This just aint working out.

[Guy] Yea,you know you've been thinking, you know I've been thinking too, you
know what I've been thinking. I've been thinking the person that I got with
aint standing in front of me. You done did a whole flip and change on a n****

{Ashanti}Yea well guess what? You done changed. You know all this shit you've
been doing. You know, how you expect me to be the same person. I'm not the same
person, why, cause of the s*** you've been doing.

[Guy] So what the f*** you saying man?

{Ashanti}What am I saying?

[Guy] Yea what the f*** are you saying?!

{Ashanti} I'm saying it's over!

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