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This is for the Lover in You (Face to Face Remix)


f/ Ghostface Killah, P. Diddy

[Intro: P. Diddy (Ghostface Killah)]
We, we, we won't stop (yeah, what, what)
Eh-heh, eh-heh (check the joint)
We, we, we won't stop (fly this on your face, rub it in)
We, we won't stop (slingshot style) eh-heh
We, we, we won't stop (Ghostface meets Babyface)
Bad Boy (back to back on this) remix, come on
We, we, won't stop (slingshot style, baby, anger that)
Ghostface, Babyface, come on

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, last night, my lovin' found, since I drowned
Fuck wit the twelve foot king, lost his crown
Uptown, seen somethin' strange, old flame, God
She look good as hell, she still want my chain
So I pushed up, "Baby, what's up? How's the seed doing?"
Just signed out of school, and no, I'm not screwin'
True indeed, I ain't asked you that, happy physical
Give me hug, show the old man some man
Santa Maria, the raw dog version of Aaliyah
Pussy hair growin' like chia, she Olympian
Cats I block in rain, tougher to tackle
Live large, Bianca did the nails, she stomped them
Camay, Wonder Woman, black cafe, listen, hey, got that love mommy, okay
Hey home, undressed, teller bitch too, daddy been good too
Watch when he slide all in you

I love you when with me baby
Be there and everywhere I can, cuz I'm that prime man
Yeah, I will give you everything baby
Give you all then any girl can stand
I'm gonna love you baby

[Ghostface Killah]
Magnificent heavenly, the God stay bent
Five Percent Range whipping, soul controller of the lynch
Macking phone rings, Stephen King trauma down at Danzine
My mood swings supplexed off the rope, magazine
Coconut jewels, wore no color shoe, knife annual
Moses lost his sandal, hiding the manual
Blow the vandal bugging off of Bon Jovi hits
Grandma Lovie, famous murder weapon was a trophy
And this is for the real rap lovers and you and your crew
It's Wu, you know how we do

[Chorus: unknown female singer]
This is, for the lover in you
This ring, means I'll always be true
This is, how the struggle'll do
This time, we'll live forever

I will love you all the way baby
Girl that means this love will never end
I will be your lover and your friend
I will take you anywhere, baby
Just say when and girl I'll take you there
One more day, baby, baby, baby
I give this for you, and promise to give all my love
Exclusive for you, oh baby, for you baby
I always will be your lover, baby

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, seeds posin' in Oshkosh, guzzle cries
Sabotage, massage, rap bandit at large
Wolverine Carnation Milk, Wu denim jeans
Thirstin Howl the Third kids back on the scene
Call it chopped meat, cause every word is choppy
My logic crunch all crows to death, Kobiyashi couldn't stop me
Getting caught up in my world, Häagen-Dasz world
Backflip and then twirl, cave your whole world
Backflip and then twirl, French girls just for girls
The mood swinger, checkmate Boston strangler
Control anger, soft dagger suffocate the ranger

[Interlude: Ghostface Killah (Babyface)]
Word up, yea, check the joint
Somethin' fly, Puff remix, Babyface, Ghostface (all this for you baby)
Yo, it's on, word (really)
(This ring is for you baby, oh, no, oh baby,
for real this baby, yeah, yeah, yeah)


[Outro: Babyface (P. Diddy)]
Ooh, baby, come and I will be true
For you, always for you, do it, do it
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
(Stevie J, Bad Boy)
Oh baby, so much love between us
All in between us, baby
I think you wanna talk 'bout it
Oh, oh you baby, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah baby

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