Home Again Rivers

Bee Gees

You took it in your stride to run away and hide
Thru all the pain of battle and the breaking of your pride.

Sweet Billy James's been asking where you've gone.
It's been so many years now since you've taken off the gun.

Well, the grass is getting dry.
And it seems your name they're calling; the rain, it hasn't fallen,
Only tears shed from our eyes.

They say there isn't rain
In the hills of West Virginia, but dying isn't in ya.
But the rhinestone bears your name.

You're the father of your child.
But your mind just seems to wander, let no man hold you under
While your heart is running wild.

And I've searched so many towns
And I've roamed so many places, I've seen so many faces,
But I've never known your own.

Well, there's gonna be a day
When your drinking wine is through now, and the people close to you now
Will have you here to stay.

Home again rivers,
Home again rivers,
Come home again rivers,
Billy's come home.

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