I stole the outside runnin' into the sun
I 'm alive, loud as a golden gun,
I killed my pride So once again
I'd see Live and learn fallen one thousand times
I feel the burn
There's fire from a crazy sky,
I sealed concern
So once again I'd be
It lifts you up it puts you down.
Then it feeds you life, then it lets you drown.
While it holds your heart then it slowly tears you apart
And ya know life is what I mean.
If I could, ya know I'd stand on the rock
Where Jesus stood, innocence and evil bad and good
Walkin'side by side
We got a way of makin' up our minds
How could I run just leave it all behind
When it breaks me up inside still I
Refuse to hide and it is just what it is
And that's all right

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Written by: Beth Hart / Bob Thiele / Greg Sutton. Isn't this right? Let us know.