pretty lady go on do dat dance pretty lady go on do dat dance let's go
sexy momma go on do dat dance sexy momma go on do that dance

make it move for me baby do u like that daddy
make it jingle for me baby do u like that daddy
touch it down to the floor pick it up and let's go

**Verse 1

see I walk through the club wit my pralla on
vallet to da keys cause the cars so strong
24,ew, mommy know too
ballas come through the side door wit they crew
I went left and puff went right
plus we had on all that ice
I had a ball chicky head one too
I had a mink on she had one too
I bought the bar out so he bought the bar too
ain't nothin to a balla mommie do wat we do
pimp game wear big rings
birdman drive a red range

let's go!

~hook 2X

**Verse 2
na shake it fast watch yourself
ma show me wat u workin wit twurk dat thang
bounce like that girl work that thang
make a pimp wanna hurt that thang
stop frontin ma do dat dance
make yo knees touch elbows do dat dere
wat u got dere
bend ova show that tattoo right there
just shake it shake it break it break it
na look at u momma wwoooo
hotcha I see from behind ya wwoooo
she's all eyes, baby your a designer wwoooo
wita coach bag wit scarf around wit a coach hat
na'smack it up slap it up gurl turn it up
til u steam and scream I'm burnin up
on the scene I seen her doin the butt
keep doin wat u doin to her

let's go!

~Hook 2X

**Verse 3

I see u lookin at me momma like if u drop somethin
keep lookin at me momma cause u a hot somethin
girl shake it around like u got something
no playin around momma stop frontin
I see wat u doin mommie um hum
I like the way u move mommie ( bird sounds)
me and diddy can buy u a car ma
me and diddy can make u a star ma
see toes let's go
tell hot get them broads I'll bring um to the car shows
wipe um pimp down touch the flo
bend ova pop it p show me wat u kno


To my grrl crystal,love you forever baby!

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