Back home a lot of people will ask us when we
Have made our over seas tours. if we do anything
Different when we perform overseas. and i am
Reminded of the story of the very first time that i ever
Came to great britain. and everybody told me "bill
When you go on stage don't do any of your
Narration's. don't do any of your talking records."
And that scared me because that's about all i know
How to do. when we get to a very difficult part in a
Song and i can't sing it, then i stop and recite it. see
That's what i have done for years. i guess maybe it
Is still a little strange when you're not used to it. a
Newspaper reporter over here wrote in a news paper
Onetime. he said "bill anderson has a curious little
Habit of pausing in the middle of his songs to recite
Little poems. some of which would make a greeting
Card blush."
But i have to tell you just about the most requested
Song that i have when i come over here is a
Narration. it's a story and i would like to share it with
You tonight.
It's called the golden guitar.

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