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All We Need Is Now

Blue October

All We Need Is Now - Blue October

Stare Into the Trees and Sway
Bathing Cool Breeze Cross Your Face
If You Listen, I Implore You
Swirling Winds Will Surely Fade (To)
Fields and Meadows Where We Laid
Just Remember, I Will Warm You

I'm the King With Thorny Crown
You Picked Me Then Pulled Me Down
Now Do You Get This, You Will Find
You're Out of Luck, You're Out of Time

Did I Ever Mention That I Didn't Care?
When All We Need Is Now
You Live Tomorrow But I'm Never There
And All We Need Is Now

Take a Deep Breath of Cold Air
Early Mornings Frosty Glare
Fills You Up and Shivers For You
There's a Wonder to Explore
Feast You Senses Nothing More
Let It Rush Through Every Portal

Like Some Childhood Fantasy
A Question Mark Hangs Over Me
Dream of Hope of Life Sublime
You in Yours and I in Mine

When All We Need Is Now
And All We Need Is...

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