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Is It a Shame ?

Blue System

I said that i'm sorry
We can't build a fire in the rain
Don't throw away a miracle
Oh, my heart is like a flame
I sail on the rainbow
How deep is your love - you mean to me
Pillows on the frozen heart
Sad words on my destiny
You're a victim - a victim of love

Is it a shame to love me ?
Baby, take another guy - leave me just alone
Is it a shame ? - oh tell me
Baby, that's the reason why i can take your home
Read my lips and they will tell you
..........................- i never feel blue
Read my lips and see what love can do

Oh, ...............
Oh, you have to......
Have to go
Don't change the colour of your hair
You deceive a broken soul
My heart will be broken
My world is a dream - dream with you

Will you ever change your mind
Baby, then you are a fool
You're a victim - a victim of love

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