vistas 22

Every Man

Bobby Caldwell

Whatever happened to the lives we had
It was easy keeping people fed
But now they cry
There has to be a change

Whatever happened to the virgin land
Now we're left with barely space to stand
The time has come
To open up our eyes

And if everyone
Simply learns from the things we've done
Before there's no place to know

* Every man wants to sleep at night
He wants to feel secure and
It's still the same for every man
Every man must be prepared to fight
Now that we understand it
Let's make it safe for every man

People standing in a welfare line
Don't they know it's a waste of time
They can't survive
Left hungry in the cold

How much longer can we make believe
That the air is really fit to breathe
We can't sit by
And watch our futures fold

Have we lost our souls
Are we digging a deeper hole
Then it's time that we took know

Repeat *