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Yeah, this for all you non-believers, especially out in the C-O. Man,
fuck y'all niggas.
Yeah, I'm (tatted) so when I die, you can see what's deep in myeye [my


7 Sign . . .


I put who got you, too, who shot you, who got you, glock you andstop
you [stop you, stop you].
Look who got you, too, who shot you, who got you, pop you andstop
you [stop you, stop you].
Nigga, this Mo Thug and we can get fucked-up even if I'm under
surveillance, I watch out, wanna win, and fuck 'em up daily,throwin' up
7, what am I yellin'? Murderer. Nigga, once you come must belike
crazy if you [Muthafucka, don't play me] play me. Nigga, nottoday. I
see you but you can't see me. I know with all of government and,yes,
this will get crazy and blow [bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb].


Got your mind blown, vocal tones keep it sewn, blastin' out yoursteroes
or your headphones. The roots exploited clones; therefore, it'smy job to
describe the loudness, the habitat of rap survival kit. Artisticskin
abrasion, so when 'em fadin' my worldly reflections, it'smagnified to
new levels of elevation.


Seven sign, seven, seven sign, seven, seventh sign seal.
Yeah, now y'all know, yeah.
Yeah, I'm (tatted) so when I die, you can see what's deep in myeye [my
eyes, my eyes].
Now, look who got you, then, who shot you, who pop you, glockyou
and stop you [stop you, stop you].
Look who got you, too, who shot you, who pop you, glock you andstop
you [stop you, stop you].


The Rip here to run in the street, and flippin' on police, yeahthey know
me, I'm not lonely, only, show me when the smoke clears, and atleast I
had my homie and a nigga, K, homie. All bitches, look into it asyou
want the real killa? Well, pull out your pistol, bitch, andshoot it, shoot
it. And you knew it, too, when, when you looked in my eyes, I'mready to
die. And I hope my mama really loves me, 'cause daddy's bye-bye. Inner
pride with the Ripsta, let 'em hit ya with the scripture, pictureme loc'd
out and smoked out with a half of fifth of (?).


Three sixty-five out of all the round trees, they'll be Japanese,Maje$ty's
corruptin' record companies. Nigga, jump for cheese, catchsub-zero
freeze and crack once the atmosphere brings the temperature back,slacks
only in dress pants, have you ever danced with the devil inpale
moonlight? I have. Hollywood niggas make me laugh. Sell adream to
'em. Cash, no royality, grab they royal keys and dash. Myoverhead
projects how ends meet to foul or ejected, lyrics was selectedbeyond my
control, last door on the totem pole, pockets swoll from taperesidue, last
interview and went in daytime, it's made a promise to let downsmooth
criminals gently and (?) grab your earlobe and billion, this isbig
business, buy tapes, don't lend, niggas (?) while I scrap changefor
phillies, why grill me? Got bigger balls to chase waterfallswith Chili,
explore on four wheels or foot, I bring it to that ass over thehook so
when you slip, gots it. I ride up on it. I had to maintain mymental
frame, and now I'm Boneless, word sound 'til I'm foamin'. Cybergenics
wanted my genes for clonin'. Disownin' heads like Romans fightrebel
Trojans. More than civil suits make my longevity boost, articlesand
promotions make me more potent. Deadly to the mind, 'causin'
somethin' to be blind, redefine lines entertwined with allmankind.
Would that rain outshine divine Maje$ty, shame, the boogie downBronx
is where the heart still remain.


I'm a let a nigga know, you know what I'm sayin', just right offthe bat. I
gives a fuck about no nigga. Don't be no (corvie)-ass nigga. I'm tryin' to
tell niggas that off the rip, off the rippa, baby.
[I must be losin' my mind . . .] I must be.

Where's the mob? Find your specialty, let's give this nigga ajob. Is you
ready for jail? Yes and no, but somebody's gonna try to rob. Wecan
spar, but you gon' drop [drop], I'm a bomb, ready for war, will Ip-pop
pop, better look out for miles, been doomed since the womb. Willhe put
me in my tomb? I've been thuggin' so assume when I enter yourroom,
boom. Stomped through Compton and cities y'all ain't neverheard of,
and listen, I bet there's thousand people screamin' out "murder,murderin'
ya." Hypnotized, took off my shirt, I got a (?). I'm tatted sowhen I die
you can see what's deep my eyes. Trues ride but trues die, mynigga,
don't cry, I shedded my last tear when I found out love was alie. So I try,
but it ain't nothin' for my mental. So piss off my pencil, and Iblast, dash
in a rental. One nigga got (?) and off he in a trap withsawed-off they
took a chance and lost, let's spray A-K and make gangsta gone,don't
finish the wars when they ain't over, I love you thugs, but allthem
skeletons got so close and they got so (?) if it ain't (?), thisfamily that
don't give a fuck who you are. It ain't nothin' like sometrouble. How
close? How far [how far, how far]?

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