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Just Hold On

Boyz II Men

I know you've been goin' through some things
The pain you hold inside is written on your face
I know you're 'bout tired of the rain
Well baby so am I but I know things can change

Well you can die, you can sigh, you can cry
'Til you're midnight blue
But that's not you, no no
'Cause I know you're stronger
It's apparent to me
So to you

If you just hold on
I swear that everything will be okay
I know that you're nervous
Baby give it some time
Things will go away

I know it's been heavy on your mind
Baby give him up he's not worth your time
Where is it that says you need a guy
Well you don't need his love to justify your life

So he can go, let him go, make him go
You should want him to
So can you
I know that you're stronger
It's getting clearer to me
So to you


So don't let your defenses down
I know somehow you'll work things out
Don't make your heart on no one else
You should just believe in yourself, yourself

Chorus 2 times

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