I step into a world
A world I have never seen before
Where the haunt is bagged and love is the core (love is the core)

Warm lights surrounding my unfrozen mind
Time is standing still for a blink of an eye
I'm no longer a slave of the human kind (yeah!)

My deepest fears seem to have lapsed
My enemies, antagonists, already collapsed
Now it feels like the biggest fight has been won in this life
But who's able to follow me over the edge of the knife?

Imaginary land (oh!)
Please be real, I don't want to leave you anymore
So please be sealed
Keep that burning door locked forever

I need to save the new essence
Let me breathe in the smell of hope until my disappearance
This is the new freedom called peace
Pick up the trail and follow me
Follow me away from the worlds disease
Follow me (follow me!)

This is the place for those who don't give up
The final destination beyond selfishness and every spiteful act
I see your laughing face
Your laughing face full of salvation
But wait, there is something more (something more!)
Suddenly I'm in a fight against the question
Like a spike in my mind, unable to ignore

Searching for a reason
For a reason I can't find
What am I even looking for?
(What am I even looking for?)
What am I even looking for?
(What am I even looking for?)

Only one black thought and my knees are shaking
I can feel my heartbeat, hear my heart scream
The gloomy sounds of a tremor makes me breathless
Like a wicked hand, it's on my neck

Trying to suppress my peace of mind
The lights turn green and I watch reality thrive
What the hell is happening? This place can't break
I need to stay, but I can't hide
Billows of smoke breaking through the ground
Billows of smoke (yeah!)

I'm falling but I don't want to be crawling out of my skin
The sad reality is catching up with me
This is the awakening!
This is the awakening!
This is the awakening!

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