You're just like me, just another face in hell
I can't help figure your way out to help you out
You get what you deserve for your epic farce
A nice place for you underneath the ground

(You're just a face)

This is your worldly demise, I'll tear your heart's up
You're guns and knives, so tell if you are

Go Away!

You're just a face, a face in the mirror
A towel around your virgin neck, you better watch your back
Just fire up and feel my hate
I'm nothing to regret, nothing to regret

Full of ignorance, of this terrifying world

Full of ignorance, that's a senseless lie
Full of ignorance, of this terrifying world
You fucking bastard, that's a senseless life

I'll wait in misery
This sun fill my eyes
I can't forget this shit up
I can't ignore the things you say
The things you do, the things you did

Wake up!
Open your eyes!
Wake up!
This is your life
You're so fake, you're nothing to regret

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