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Touch, lying on the floor
Wishing this could last
Knowing that it can't
Soon you will leave
And I'll be on the floor
Watching the TV
Trying hard to find
A reason to move
I'm frozen in one place
Staring at the screen
Listening to the rain
Falling on the street
Some days go on too long
To know, no one can hang out tonight
Here, where the carpet's cool and soft
Underneath the clock
I feel my weary heart is put to rest
You gather around your friends
The connection that you feel
When the night has not yet died
You are new
(And near now to someone)
With a promise of a love
(You used to love)
you will probably never find
(When you were young)
(When all was gold and you two touched)
A touch that you can really feel
(And felt the flutter underneath your skin)
The brokenness inside
(You stood in glowing rooms)
(The light dripping from both of you)
As hope and less collide
(And nothing since has felt as radiant or real)
And nothing is real
Love, there's nothing more I want
Than just one night
That's free of doubt and sadness
One night, one night, one night
One night that I can really feel

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