Cadillac Gas Mask

Bruce Dickinson

vistas 46

Cadillac gas mask

I saw the girl drive a black town limousine
In a little black gun,
Unleaded fun,
She thinks she's a movie queen
Steel wheels, steel rails
Move to the steaming beat
You've got lead in your pants,
Lead in your feet
Get out of your cars,
Take a walk on the street

Cadillac gas mask
Cadillac mask, you guys, gimme, gimme

Red light, green light
Girls are letting gas
As you're going nowhere
Gridlock, wheel lock
Handing lock, break lock
Stuck on your wheels again
There was a time
When the air was sweet and pure
Now you're sitting in my backyard
Smoking up the air
Pedal to the metal
But you're getting nowhere