[Verse 1]
Whether you're ready or not,
I'm gonna speak my mind,
I've given all that I got,
It was a waste of time,
I, was crazy in love,
But it was all a lie,
I lived it for you, (yeah)

You got the way that you think,
I've got my point-of-view,
You've got your issues with me,
And I've got mine with you,
Seems we just don't agree,
So I know what to do,
We just gonna let go, let go

You can call it whatever you want boy,
But it just isn't love, love,
By conquer of love, (bye bye)
But never good enough, (bye bye)
Break up with him before,
I already knew that
I (I know), I, I (I Don't), I (Love You, Love You)

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