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Who do You Love

Chaka Khan

Please let me make a true confession
I have never been in love before
The minute you came in my direction
I had a change, a change of heart

My guys have come a dime a dozen
I've fed them things they love to hear
I've never went wanting for a lover
But I never knew what true love was, indeed

(Who do you love) Boy I'm in love with you
(Are you for sure) Sure as the sky is blue
(Who do you love) Just let me prove to you
(Are you for sure) Yes boy my love is true

I used to be the great pretender
Now for the very first time I'm for real
I've been listening to my heart now
And you gotta believe just how I feel

I'm ready to become the giver
Now I realize it's give and take
Your love has broken my defenses
This time I'm not just out on the make

/Repeat Chorus/

(How do I know that you wont go, please tell me)
I don't want to lose your love
(Well, if that's true I'll stay with you)
It'll make me so happy

/Repeat Chorus/

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Written by: Bernard Wright / Lenny White. Isn't this right? Let us know.