Happiness showed up
today and rang its bell above the din
Long enough to change
the spin and turn my wheels around
I had driven past my last regret,
down the side road of despair
Where the answers don't
come up for air and grace just can't be found
All my fears disguised as
truth danced the dark night of my soul
But the light of day revealed
no proof that God would let me down
Happiness showed up today
drunk again and full of wit
Singin "let's see how far
we can spit and leave those tears to dry"
The past is gone and
all for naught, the future cannot be controlled
And the only moment
we can hold is this one going by
All those lies I told myself,
all those brutal self-hate jabs
Makes a heart feel like a concrete slab.
well kiss those days goodbye
Happiness showed up today,
a silver throated mocking bird
With the sweetest song
I ever heard it flashes across the sky

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