Cherish - If He Ask Me

[Intro - Choped and Screwed Voice]
If he ask me
If he ask me

[Verse 1]
My man - from the hood
Yes, he's from the streets
Yeah, I'm down
'Cause he'll do anything for me
Then he call me up said
I said 'bout 4
Said just come and get me down
(If he ask me)

?? whip, whip
Real low key
Last thing I know he's ru-runin' towards me
Parked in with the car
Got the feelin' I feel
Looked in the back ... light and I'm
(If he ask me)

Promise I'll risk my life
If he ask me
Stand up in the court and lie
If he ask me
I give him no time to sigh
If he ask me
I'm always down to ride
If he ask me

[Verse 2]
I know he's that kinda man
But I don't give a damn
'Cause it's a cold case but did it for my man
I really don't care if they don't understand
As if I had a chance I would do it again

When I need him the most tell me who did I see
My man was there to get me up on my feet
Giving me breath and all the love that I need

[Repeat Chorus Until End]

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