On the Path of Glory

Petula Clark

Blessed are the meek they say
They shall win where others lose
But when man is forced to slay
He is never asked to choose

He must fight for his country
Fight for what he thinks is right
He'll defend his wife and children
On the path of glory

Red or yellow, white or brown
All alike, one thought in mind
Who will wear the victor's crown
Never mind the lame and blind

In the pride of their country
Good will triumph in the end
Evil will be brought to justice
On the path of glory Big or little, fat or thin
All are heroes in the end
Unforgivable the sin
To submit, they don't pretend

They will die for their country
They will die for you and me
Amid the pungent smell of death
That's on the path of glory

Why should man be forced to kill
Why should they be made to die
Shattered on some peaceful hill
Torn and bleeding where they lie

Far away from their country
Ask yourself the question now
Why should they be forced to set out
On the path of glory?

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