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I watch minutes grow to hours, and how seasons builds the ages
Every winter dies in sunlight, only to be born again
And the rainfall feeds the forests while the lightning strikes the trees
Turning giants into dust fertile ashes on the ground

I see them going down to the water
Where they embrace the silent waves
Slowly they're swallowed by the water
And their breath ascending to the sky

I see them now floating in the water
Carried away, carried away

I see wasteland turn into gardens watching oceans giving birth
To fragile little creatures born to grow and multiply
And the children of the children of the firstborn claims theland
Building fences for protection from their brothers greedy grasp

I watch kingdom rise and crumble and the nations come and go
Only new names for the same things once the limits has been reached
Now I see them lose their intrest in trhe deeds that have been done
And the wisdom that's been found, as they return whence they came

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