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Emma's in a part of town
Where she doesn't recognize the streets
Named for famous native sons
And out of every crevice comes creeping
A threat in her direction
Lucy's outside her home
Heading towards the corner store
She stays on well travelled paths
And is always making sure
That she doesn't develop patterns

There are trap lines running up and down main street
Wire snares thirsting for your neck and feet

Susan doesn't like the way her curtains
Are blowing in the wind
She swears she locked that window
Before she went out dancing
She stands frozen in the doorway
Judy hears a sound coming from the other room
She knows she should be alone
'Cause the kids left at noon
To go visit their father

Quick to your phone, dial 911
Invite a strange man into your home who'll be carrying a gun

Leslie's working late
She's got a deadline to meet
In walks her boss
On her desk he puts his feet
And says, Alone at last
Reanne's got a new boyfriend
And they're getting along
Until he locks the door
And says, don't struggle
I'm stronger than you are

Just one question I'm dying to ask, he said
Do you know what it's like to be hunted

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