You n***** is, cheap greens, artificial turf
Second in the presence of better, me first
Captain america, versus captain planet, I control the larger area
Super hero no cape, delta force in the third grade,
Now or laters, basketball cards in my school pants
How to be a player, got to ask then you can't afford the movie neighbor
Drop jewels like a buttterfinger watch maker
Money so old it deserve an in home caretaker
I been talking this s**** for a minute, never been called out just been called that n****
I paid dudes and I tipped em' I ain't trippin
Check yo' prescription, linches I'm not pippen
We both scoring, but mines more awesome
B******* called him, we smell the weed in the air jordans, yeah

Over land... sea.air, scratch it off the list after I been there
Yeah, jets, everytime I drop bars the bar is reset
Stack change, and I didn't change, looking down on these fools
Balcony rap, I'm way too high for that, bulls*** so save it neighbor I'm on my paper

B**** what you think this is, I only f****** twice, girl what you think you did?
Ain't nobody throw rice, spitta, ninja, precise, slice
Overheat never, under pressure, sweat ice, what's pressure
I never felt pressure in my life, it's been a cake walk
Frosting on my nikes, don't let em' talk
Cut a hater wind short, chevrolet bowtie, tips on the end of my exhaust pipe
B******* at the window pray they hear that sound every night
But I'm out baby, you my home girl but this not my house lady
Can't go for that, [? ]
Fall through, get the cut, clean up, change clothes,
Adherent to the jet code, you know how we roll

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