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The Pledge (In And Out)


Ride Chevy ride by to cross the Bridge of Terabithia.
Skills I was born with but I can try teachin ya.
Drought just from the clouds homie hope they reachin ya.
The one they turnin up their speakers for.
It's undeniable that I'm liable to own the world as I'm entitled fool.
Get it right all I need is a try or two.
If I was you id only do what I wanted to do,
And tell them other niggas kick rocks, yeah.
Park my jet at the end of the block
G-Shock mansion my All's got socks.
This year when the ball drop in my heart I knew
This was no time to let suckas knock me out for my loot.
Take me off of my roof. I'd be a damn fool I Mapquested it
It's right at my next exit, shit.
Catch my bread I'm right back in this shit.
Protect my neck homie only in myself do I invest.
Only in your hands does your fate really rest,
But you could leave it to another man be my guest.
Could never survive in my shoes homie not a step.
Cause I move with those of whom you are scared to death.
Sucka ass niggas ain't rappin that real.
Ya'll should be members of the Screen Actors Guild.
Bitches see their reflections when they look in my wheel,
But they never get to do it cause I can't keep still.
Pedal to the metal smell the rubber when I peel.
Before I get on the beat the beat write it's own will.
Trees in the grinder, the battles on chill.
Hand on your bitch had my mind on another mill, yeah. (Jets Fool)

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