Uh rap two miles for hour so everybody get a glimpse nigga
Who inside it
With my cousin g five we had out clouded
Bitches gettin stoned just some stand around it
Music turned up but the smoke..
Must be..night this mother f*cking kids
Think they f*cking with us
Think they..
They talking shit just to..
But i aint worry bout them
I got that..prescription that they...
California prescription sound of exotic
Ridin to the hoe hypnotize my shit
Stayin the..not even tryin bitches
Not even lying nigga,
Smoking that..you ain't really had..
I would put you dime if it was such a climb
But i figure that shit with my team
'cause i came in here with em
..thanks giving word to come..
I ain't switchin..on the mission
And defy..drivin a..
This the victory and be fronting
The club you wanna get in
I ain't even attending this maintain to my engine
See i got too many cause and if you ..
Before i must get the chance to get in em
Take em out for a while
Make sure that they're doing fine
More money, more problems this problems i don't mind
Standing outside tryin to pick which one to
Let my bitches aside appreciate my..

You never know homie..

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