[Verse 1]
They shipping that Lam to the crib while I'm on tour
When I get off of this bus it's gon' be pedal to the floor
'Fore a nigga even step foot through the door it's gon' be laps in that ho
Dolo - fool I ain't got time for no bitches
But I do got a Rolex where my long sleeves ending
A house on my wrist, a car on each pinky
I got all of this from laughing at them lames
While I'm rolling up my sticky, lightning struck again
Jet Lifers, niggas always rewriting history
Fools hear our verses and rewrite that shit they scribbling
Bitches see my bitches and consider trying women
I pulled up drunk, talking shit in the lobby of my building
Push the button and the elevator took it straight to the ceiling
Doors open in the living room, that's penthouse pimping
Yea girl I did it, I'd advise you to play your position
'Fore you see another ho in your jersey tryna score 30
Ya heard me, a nigga been focused since I said hi to her
We higher than the Eiffel
You suckas is like food, fool who designed you?
Nigga I was built to make sure this sucka shit get kilt
Homie I'm a whale, big mufuckin' fish
Of course you gon' see a ocean where I live
Of course if I rolled it, it's top shelf hemp
Of course she got them Jordans on tryna impress him
Titties out when I fall in, bring the whole city out
I did it for Slim

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