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Looking Through The Eye Of A Pig

Cypress Hill

I wake up every morning kiss my wife goodbye
hug my kids tell 'em I love 'em I'm out hit the ride.
I'm out on patrol in my squad car in LA.
where you never know if you'll be making it home today
So many different attitudes that I come across
I'm harden and scarred and I ain't feeling nobody's loss
hustlers, hookers, killers, and thieves out on the street
got my mind warped just found another corpse on the beat bound
gagged rapes I'm frustrated I hate it found a woman in the
dumpster body was mutilated
bad dreams all up in my head no lie
sometimes I got to take a sniff so I could get by
why don't I get help to settle my nerves I got the erg
to merge this bullet with my brain release my pain
what a fuckin shame I don't wanna live
I'll paint the wall with the bloodstains eye of the pig
I see it all

Through the eye of the pig..repeat

I've been on the force over twenty years I can say
that I'm worse than some of these mother fuckers I put away
I'm in the biggest gang you ever saw above the law
looking through the eye of the pig I see it all.
drug abusers drug dealin and the gangbang
pieces of shit who should be on the fuckin noose hanging.
These days you can't tell who's who in the world
Is that a shore or is that an innocent young girl.
Fuck I need a drink and I'm almost of
at the precinct its like an AA meeting all gone wrong.
I.A got an eye on my close friend Guy
for take supply from evidence from a bust on a buy
that doesn't concern me we never rat on eachother
we went through the academy just like fratbrothers
its midnight I only have an hour left on my shit
I think I'll get my dick sucked by this bitch
my marriage is all fuck my wife is with the neighbors
supeanaed now I gotta sign thse fuckin divorce papers
I recall happier times before the fall
looking through the eye of the pig I see it all.

Through the eye of the pig..repeat

Now I'm on my way back to the station to check out
so I could go home relax take a drink and think about
my abrupt change out of the clean to the corrupt
looking through the eye of the pig I'm all fucked
no longer can I determine who's the criminal
to the innocent man down to the pedafile
no one give a fuck about me I'm slippin into darkness
I'm coming to grips and feelin heartless
What's this a dark green truck tinted windows
dually modified probably a drug dealer
pulled over to the curb take you key out of the ignition
raise your hands out the windows in the get 'em high position
don't move or I'll blast your fuckin head off
just tell me where the guns and dope are and you'll get off
don't give that bullshit I've heard about your raps
I'll your talking about is slangin and shooting off your straps
okay Mr. B Real get the fuck out of the truck
I love it how all you fuckin rappers think you're so tuff
get your ass out I don't no probable-cause
you got a big sack of coke so take a pause.

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