The Patience Bossa (with Perry Farrell)

Deborah Harry

Hey settle down, stop racing round
When you go by too fast you'll find, life can pass you by

There's a lot of things I wanna get, a lot of things I wanna try, a lot of things I wanna do
I've gotta get a move on if I wanna do things I want
I just can't stand here waiting for you.

There is no race, no second place
Everything we do can be done gracefully

You don't know how many things I have to get before I get to do the things I have to do for me
Why is it that you don't get that I am in a hurry here
Why don't you just listen to me.

Suddenly it seems that I understand just what you said

Oh, yeah?

No, rushing doesn't help, it's best to win the race with patience instead

Take your time my friends
Every moment can be filled with joy
No matter how you rush you can never get ahead

I get it now you showed me how, it's exactly how you say patience leads the way

When I get upset because I haven't gotten what I want instead of freaking out I settle down
Life is nicer when you let it go the way it's going to go
At least that's true as far as I've found
When I'm on a line or in a traffic jam or waiting room I always try to keep a level head
People get upset because they aren't getting what they want but I just say be patient instead
I just say be patient instead

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