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Silent Hero


He wants to rule the Word but can he on his own?
First he's got to find his Queen to share his golden throne
He'll know he's met her when their spirits face to face
Then they can rule the Word and heal the human race


Because he only wants to be a hero
He's try to fly but he's wings won't let him go
He wanst to travel but don't wanna go solo
Daddy when I grow up I want be a silent hero

Standing by a legacy that wasn't very bad
Chained to a history that wasn't always sad
His mother and his father Said that boy you should be glad
He had pride and respect for everything he had
Ele tinha orgulho e repespeito por tudo o q tinha


Shadows persue me, confusing my life
Causing me grief, sometimes causing me strife
Enjoy your youth 'cause it doesn't last long
Do you know the words to your song


Daddy when I grow up I want to be a silent hero
I am a hero, You are a hero, he be a hero, she be a hero...

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Written by: Des'ree / Prince Sampson. Isn't this right? Let us know.