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In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere


Search for my subconscious
Lead me into myself
A need to discover the dark
A will to enter these gates
Oh, This temptation
To end this empty life
In my dreams, I saw my real side

A journey though forever
My visions oh so bright
Watching eternity open
As I turn out life’s light
Oh, this temptation
To leave this earthly shell
Deep inside, the toll of death’s bell

In the cold winds of nowhere

With a sigh I pass away
Falling, into harmonic sleep
Then I’ll find my prophecies wasn’t lies
Falling, into the abyss, I come

I, I am dying
Death does heal me

In the cold winds of nowhere

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Written by: John Zwetsloot / Jon Nödtveidt. Isn't this right? Let us know.