Life ain't 'bout money? Silly me
Life ain't 'bout celebrity proximity?
Life ain't 'bout your favorite rapper feeling me?
Though it's flattering, got him shy, stuttering
New vibe, got him wondering, put his number in
Never text Douns more than twice, now you smothering
Keep it on the low, boo, you know what it is
Got him acting like a local, telling all his friends
Rich mood, never nothing else
Don't matter what I got, broke nothing I felt
Don't you try to measure up
I can go for several, mad casual
Like this shit ain't lowkey unnatural

I just need to break it down
You about to drown in a whole brand new sound
Never wanna hear: Douns started selling out
'Til I'm selling out, 'til I'm in the mouth of your fav' for the clout
(Wow, wow, wow, alright, one more thing, one more thing)

Attention, labels
I don't even wanna hear an offer
'Less it make you feel awful, make your jaw hurt
'Cause it's so colossal
"Dounia so nice"
On a track, I am not her
Lady on the street, on a beat, I'm improper
I can body any dude lyrically
Honestly, probably physically too
Hear him talk down on my name
Gang with an AK on the way, feeling quite vengeful

Back when I lived in corona
Sweats low, looking like a lowlife
Throw a soiree though I'm still hungover
They'll pop up 'cause they know it's Dounia
Ain't a fan then that shordey tasteless
That ain't a man that you should be chasing
Come up waiting but I'm impatient
So move over, 'cause now it's Dounia's
'Cause now it's Dounia's
King of Queens and she coming Loca
King of Queens, she a real life smoka
Move over 'cause now it's Dounia's

Fashion bitches got nothin' on me
Snuffin' bitches ain't nothin', homie
Fashion bitches got nothin' on me
Yeah, yeah
If you mad, just hush, bump the rest of the project
'Cause if you don't, your friends will regardless
And to anyone that be showin' love
I'ma ride right back for you, that's what a Queens girl does

New York always gon' be on top
One time for Morocco, Casa-Casablanca
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
Douns signin' off
Man y'all know I could go from that too
My engineer's getting tired
I'm getting a little sleepy
I have to be up in the morning
But, you know, for another time
To be continued

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