Photo of the artist Downplay

Waiting On The Sky To Change


There's something in the air
Burning ions in the oxygen are all aglow
A feeling everywhere
Premonitions of the storm that comes
But I won't go

I'm done running towards
The eyes of tornadoes
Pretending this is hope

I breathe in the atmosphere
Let it wash over my fear
Of these heights as I transcend
And become whole again
I breathe in the atmosphere
Let it take me out of here
I won't live life in the rain
Waiting on the sky to change

Been frozen since that day
I saw my clear blue skies
As they turned to gray in front of me
Its hard to find my way
Can I rise above
When giving up is all I know?

And the water's rising
Going deaf from the sound of rain
And the water's rising
I won't drown in the flood you made

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