You really brought this upon yourself
You knew it´d come to this
Once so alive, but now too dangerous to kiss
Too damaged and infected, face your/the world
Condition as suspected, decay´s the word

It´s getting hard to breathe, fried in the shade
The bottomless pit... coming your way

Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, and no aid to give
But instincts force you to inhale, through tubes you live

No air to breathe, judgementday
The bottomless pit... coming your way

Who´s to blame? The human race, we´re guilty as charged
There goes your innocence, we´re all killers at large

It´s getting hard to breathe...

Wake up everybody, feel the pain - yeah you have arrived
Every second is a year of thirst for every life on earth denied
Eternal, wipe your crying face - it´s suffer time
Whip-slash, hammersmash attack, let the punishment fit the crime

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