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Night Boat

Duran Duran

on the edge of the quay
no lights flashing
on the water for me
fog in my mind
darkens in my eyes
silently screaming
for a distant sound
ripple river yellow--
rising for a breath
of breeding and drowns
stillness overcome me
in the night

to the rising water moan

I'm waiting
waiting, for the nightboat
I'm waiting
waiting, for the nightboat

Shadows all through me
shudder away
echo me, echo me...
am I alone,
or is the river alive?
cuz it echoes me, echoes me--
echoes me...

(chorus x2)

I'm waiting for the nightboat...

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Written by: Andy Taylor / Duran Duran / John Taylor / Nick Rhodes / Roger Taylor / Simon LeBon. Isn't this right? Let us know.