So you’ve cleaned your act up
That’s not what your sister’s saying
Your talking trash non stop
And we know your lying
About your fake court date
And your trip up state
You’ve been to rehab princess and daddy’s paying

You look like trash
And it’s not from the lack of tryin’
You’ve got cash but it seems
All the crap you’re buyin’
Makes your skin look fake
And the shit you take
Makes your left eye twitch ain’t no use denyin’

Now it’s the same lame trick
That you’re always playing
Don’t matter how big the stash
There’s no satisfying
It’s what you say you hate
But you just can’t wait
Until you start to believe all the shit they’re sayin’

You’ve got the itch girl…baby can’t kick it
You’re daddy’s rich girl…getting it all
You’re just a trust fund tramp you don’t give a damn
You’ve got the itch girl…baby can’t kick it

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