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Take My Time

Sheena Easton

When I was young, people used to say
Someday the right one will come your way
Could be tomorrow, could be today
But when he does, you'll know it right away, till then I'll

Take my time, lookin' for the right one, I need a lover thatstays around
I'm gonna take my time, lookin' for the right one
I need somebody to tie me down

And so I waited patiently, will it be like my fantasy
The only problem I can't foresee, will I find him or will he findme
And if he does, will he understand, that I've the future alreadyplanned
And I'll do everything that I can
Won't take no chances, won't show my hand, I'm gonna


Oooh, I need a lover, oooh, to tie me down, oooh, I need a loveraround

(Instrumental break)

I'm gonna....

(chorus repeats out)

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