I was "master faster", I was "mr. Mystery"
There wasn't a mortal man was gonna make a monkey out of me.
I had reflex, action, first strike capability
So high - so tall - so far to fall

I took my time, my life was all without a cause
Till she came bursting through the frontdoor of my heart,
Just like the signs that say I'll follow by a star
Once more, no blame, I'm far, no name

Too much, too soon, a touch of moon
A burst balloon, so far, so far to fall
Ooh she had me, she had me running rings around the floor.
She had me nailed to a door, she had me crying out
She had me crying out for more, more, more, more, more, more, more
She bad me, she tied me up in knots like a piece of a string
She did a thing to my thing, she did a thing to my thing
Like it's never been done before

Too much...

I saw stars, in the night, I was hers, I was high
I had so far to fall, such a long way to fall
And I fell and I fell and I fell

So if you're "master blaster" or you're "mr. Mystery"
Don't think you're insulated from love's electricity
There'll be no escape for you, there was no escape for me
So high - so tall - one night you're bound to fall

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Written by: Emerson / Lake / Sinfield. Isn't this right? Let us know.