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Living Dead


This is the world you're free to explore
Life is the paradise you've been searching for
You are the God you try to implore
You're living in a hell that none
But you have bore
Born as you were in deadly sin
You are to lose you cannot win
Words meant to build walls around your skin
To restrain the powers kept within

Converted you were told to find the way
To reach the land of everyday
Lobotomized drowning internal dismay
I live while you decay

Penetrated soul weakened and misled
Beholder of a life that perish
Soon you'll wake up dead
A lie have built unto itself
A throne in your head
Beholder of a life that perished
You are living dead!

Defiled the cross hanging around
Your neck
With blood from never concluded lives
The symbol of spiritual lobotomy tells you're
A slave to repeated lies

I can see right through you will
Cease to exist
And fade away - into your minds wasteland -
I live while you decay

I gaze into your eyes
Two wells of extinguished life
Mental winter living lie
You're searching the long lost and long to die
Illuminate your inner shadows the darkness
Kept from light
You walk one way but your heads on backwards
And end up being what you fight

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