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Kick your roots, break the bonds.
When you get some, you need some more.
Our credence made you strong
while your honesty's weaker than before.

Trample down their dreams
to feed your own.
The glory of your fortune,
celebrate it alone.

You've got power power,
to devour.
Use it with sense and the glory is yours.
Hear our call of justice for all.
You've got the power in your hands.

The road to your success,
it is paved with your shameless lies.
Turn you head, see us hanging
with your lonely avaricious eyes.

When you reach the top
you will find the rainbow's gold.
Don't lose your mind
with our trust that you hold.
Do not join up
in the jesters masquerade,
don't spoil your wine
with that bitter bouquet.

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