Huba don't run any more
Huba don't frighten your mother
And don't call our sister a whore
'Cos she cares for her rotten brother
Making excuses and shifting the blame
Why don't you face it? You can't run away from yourself

Huba stop wasting our time
Huba stop Huba repeating
You're a drunk you're a cheat you're a liar
But that doesn't stop you from changing
Threatening and cursing l know you feel scared
And you're kicking and screaming
But you can't get away from yourself

Huba don't dwell in the past
Huba don't play the casino
The answer that comes in a glass
lsn't right and can never conceal you
Dreaming and scheming might deaden the pain
But nothing and no-one can help you escape from yourself

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