Billy took a shower
Combed his hair back
And took a long look at himself
The wardrobe door was open
All her dresses were gone
Mickey's well known velvet voice
Oozed out of his radio
He picked up his car keys
And screwed up her note

Billy was held up by a red light
Next to the court of appeal
He thought for a moment
Then banished the doubt from his mind
Mickey had told her
In front of his listeners
"This man's not worth waiting for!"
And now he would pay
For his precious advice

Radio Lover, radio love
The wardrobe was open
All her dresses were gone
He might as well take out his gun

Billy parked his car outside the station
As it was closing down
And summoning up his courage
Read her crumpled words one more time
Mickey's voice never purred again on
Stereo radio
And her words ran into blue puddles
Where Mickey was lying

Radio lover, Radio love

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