Keeper Of The Castle

The Four Tops

Live it down
There's a lot of us been pushed around
Red, yellow, black, white and brown
With a tear of their own
Can't you see
While you're pickin' on society
That the leaves on your family tree
Are callin' you to come home.

You're the keeper of the castle
So be a father to your children
The provider of all their daily needs
Like a sovereign lord protector
Be their destiny's director
And they'll do well to follow where you lead.

In your head
You don't believe what the good book said
You're gonna strike out now instead
'Cause the world's been unkind
Through thick and thin
Whatever shape your heart is in
You only have one next of kin
Better keep 'em in mind.

You're the keeper of the castle
So be a good man to your lady
The creator of the sunshine in her day
'Tend the garden that you seeded
Be a friend when a friend is needed
And you won't have to look the other way.

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