You can see a window, you can see a storm
You can see the moment, it will keep you
Higher than we were before
We're higher than we were before
You can feel the softness, you can feel the fray
The morning sun will rise and will find you
Kinder than you were before
You’re kinder than you were before

We're holding on tight to a swaying tree
We're holding our breath in a swaying sea
Holding on tight till our history can say, you're mine

Pushing through darkness
It’s the place of change
This is just the current that will bring you
To the steady light of day
Into the steady light of day
You can feel the rainfall or you can feel the chill
You can let it go or you will find, you're
Fighting it with all your will
You're fighting it with all your will

Deep inside
Your truest north
Will all be found inside you now

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