This is the kind of affair to make you dance about
But there's something to say for the things
You wouldn't regularly let out
At least this chase
Makes you feel new

She holds a key
Tight in her hand
Clutching his neck
She is begging her man
Listen you sinner
I?m sinning too
Just wait until the darkness falls so i can sin with you

You've run through the whole gamut of gameplay
The headtrip parade
Without any experience
You become curious prey
So change your position
This decision you're making is digging a hole
Oh, and where you're headed only heaven knows

So, set out your plan,
Break down your walls
Count what you're blessed with
You've counted them all
It's something to say
But you have to search
You might not believe but
Believe me it works

So i can sin with you

Believe me it works
Believe me
We can not fail...
We must not falter
We must not tell to those
Who seek our souls...
To take our precious hearts...
Our hearts are
Our owwwwnnnn....
Are hearts are our own
We must not falter
We must not fail
We must not
No we must not tell...

Dooo do do do do dooo....

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