I'm running
Yes, before it's too late
Trying to get away
From that jailbait
It's a rough temptation
But a common invitation
And a good association
But a quick elimination
That will take you out of circulation
Yes, I'm talkin' about that younger generation
So take my advice fellas
For goodness sakes
15, 16, 17 that's...jailbait

Now they swear they're love
That you and her and the stars up above
And she's lookin' mighty good
Like a young girl should
We try to tell you know
And let that young girl
But, y-y-you know it all
You have yourself a ball
And now it's too late
As you look from cell number eight
I tried to tell you mate
17 and 1/2 is still jailbait

So tomorrow is the date
For the trial of jailbait
Now you just watch and see
The young girl goes free
And you'll get one to three
So out the door she walks
To another man she talks
And before you can count
From one to eight
Another man's in for...jailbait

Please Mr. Judge
Please let me go
This time I won't mess with them young girls no more
I swear on the bible
No more Mr. Judge
Mr. Judge, ain't gonna bother no fifteen...
Ain't gonna bother no sixteen...
Ain't gonna mess with no seventeen...
I'm gonna leave those twenty year olds alone, too
Gonna get me a chick about forty-two
If you just believe what I says
And let me go Mr. Judge
Please Mr. Judge
I ain't gonna bother no more young girls
Aw, judge...

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