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冬のはなし (fuyu no hanashi)

Given (anime)

冬のはなし (fuyu no hanashi)

mada toke kirezu nī nokotta
hikage no yuki mitaina
omoi o daite iki teru

boku wa kono koi o
don'na kotoba de tojitara ii no

anata no subete ga
ashita o nakushite
eien no naka o samayo te iru yo
sayonara dekizu ni
tachidomatta mama no
boku to issho ni

mada tokenai mahoo no youna
soretomo noroi no youna
omoi nimotsu o kakae teru

boku wa konomachide
don'na ashita o sagaseba ii no

tsumetai namida ga sora de
itetsuite yasashī furi shite mai ochiru koro ni
hanareta dareka to darekaga ita koto
tada soredake no hanashi

anata no subete ga
katachi o nakushite mo
eien ni boku no naka de ikite ku yo
sayonara dekizu ni
aruki dasu boku to
zūtto issho ni

A Winter Story

Just like snow that hasn't completely melted
In the shade
I go on living with these feelings inside me

Please tell me how I'm supposed to
Shut this love off with words

Your everthing
Has lost its tomorrow
And is now wanderind through eternity
Along with me
Who stopped in time
Unable to say goodbye

Just like a spell that stil won't break
Or a curse
I'm still carrying some heavy luggage

What kind of tomorrow
Am I supposed to look for in this town?

My cold tears freeze in the sky
They pretend to be kind; right when they fall on
Two people are torn apart
That's all there is to this story

Even if your everything
Loses its shape one day
You'll always live inside me
Even though I couldn't say goodbye
I'll keep walking
You'll always be here with me

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Written by: Centimilimental. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by H!meko and translated by Swan. Subtitled by Rafaela and more 4 people. Revised by 6 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.