Ad-or-a-tion, Ad-or-a-tion
Baby when will you-ou ge-et your-our-our-our fill
Ad-u-la-tion, Ad-u-la-tion
You know baby I don't thi-ink you-ou-ou ever will
You're always talkin' about just livin' for the mo-oment 'n
Bein' a romantic in you, you talk about freedom
But you don't know what freedom i-is
No you don't know where freedom li-i-i-ives

You, you don't know, exactly what you fee-ee-ee-ee-ee-eel
No-o you-ou, a-you don't know-ow, exactly what is rea-ea-ea-ea-ea-eal
But I'm gonna show you how it feels
To feel goodbye-hye

Des-o-la-tion, Des-o-la-tion
You finally brought it down to the same fore-ore-oreground
Des-per-a-tion, Des-per-a-tion
You don't know how crazy you-ou-ou-ou sound
You're always talkin' about, my like o' class
The way I, hold my glass
And even though the way I smoke 'n
Lord I didn't even smo-oke
Lord I didn't even smo-o-o-oke

But I, I met you, and you had to change my hair-air-air-air-air-hair
And I-I, I met you-ou, and you had to show me what to wear-ear-ear-ear
But I'm gonna show you how it feels
To feel goodbye-hye....

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