Christiaan no no no christiaan no
Take the time to take the time to take it slow
You'll be leaving soon enough
To make the tear drops flow
Christiaan no
You will grow grow grow christiaan grow
You will glow like the moonlight on the snow

You will fly like the snowflakes when the wind begins to blow
Take it slow, take it slow
And don't listen when the people put you on
And don't cry over someone who is gone
I will carry you until you carry on
Carry on son, carry on

'Cause it's hard to know what you want to be
When you're just a little boy who's turning three
Or you're just a little boy who's only turning twenty-nine
Take your time-take your time
Christiaan yes yes yes christiaan yes
You can prevent the world from being repossessed
I must confess that we've left it in a mess
But you can save it if you try to do your best
Christiaan yes christiaan yes christiaan yes christiaan yes

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