Good mornin', mornin' glory
Good mornin', what's your story
Good mornin', where'd you spend the night
Where did your night dreams take you
Sorry but I had to wake you
Oh, I just had to make you
Shed your precious mornin' light on me

Oh, good mornin' sleepy baby
You know, I'm thinking maybe
I love you even more today
Every time you go to sleep
I'm jealous of the dreams
That keep you away from me
Good mornin', mornin' glory

I'll have to thank the sandman
For he's let you wake up in my arms again
Doo doo da, doo doo doo, doo
Oh, come on darling time to get up
I have your breakfast table set up
It's such a lovely morning to see
And I have my mornin' glory with me

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